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Post by HappyGoLucky @ Thu Feb 07, 2019 6:09 am

It being a two day holiday for Chinese New Year and me trying on a resolution to get some form of work life balance sorted for 2019 meant I had two days in the saddle.

Tuesday was a 65km run out along the Coastal Path on the gravel bike that was supposed to be a 100km run! It was bastard hot and when I got to the end of the beach path and turned onto the airport road at around 35kms the headwind was a mofo. The road runs around the perimeter of the airport and is about 15kms each way with no tree cover and 3 lanes of flat scorching concrete in each direction. I made the decision to skip that section and head back through town to see some of the CNY festivities.
Shoulda brought me speedos
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Even though I took on more than 3 litres of fluids & 2 bananas during the ride, I was still 1/2 a kilo lighter when I got home! Happily, the beer fairy had visited while I was out, so I had a fridge full of ice cold Boags to ensure I stayed hydrated!

Yesterday was my first time back on the trails after a self imposed month out to try to sort my shoulder ligaments. We're in the hot dry season and the trails were dryer than I ever remember them being and they just flowed so much better.
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I managed PB's on 3 of my favourite (and Singapore's only) downhill runs whilst managing not to crash or aggravate any of my old injuries, properly happy with that.
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Back in the office today, 1/2 day tomorrow as I've got to take MrsHGL back for her 1 week post op check-up. If I'm not working Saturday I'll get up earlier and try to get the the 100km ride done before it gets too hot. Sunday will be back on the trails all being well.
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