What have you watched on telly?

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Re: What have you watched on telly?

Post by Tokyo Sexwale @ Thu Nov 08, 2018 5:17 pm

span wrote:
Damien Thorn wrote:I've got loads of telly I need to talk about, but I'm a bit pushed for time. Ask me later, yeah?

In the meantime, everybody watch There She Goes on BBC4. It's a bit like Catastrophe, but with David Tennant (ace!) and Jessica Hines (acer!) as frazzled parents of a girl with severe learning difficulties.

I watched it the other day and was surprised how great it was!

I'm pleased others thought the same as I wasn't sure if I was just wanting it to be great; I was recommended it by an old friend whose youngest daughter has learning difficulties and they loved it, found it really true to life for them. And all the better for being written by a parent in that situation, rather that 'in consultation' with families, as it was quite close to the bone at points and didn't tiptoe around.

Has anyone apart from Stuart watched The Haunting Of Hill House on Netflix? I usually steer well clear of any horror but this was recommended and against my expectations I'm really enjoying it!

So far it's more of a family drama. It's following the five children and skipping between their time as children in the house, and then as adults dealing with their experiences years later, with scary stuff happening every now and then.

But the scary stuff is good. So far it's chilling and creepy but no 'quiet quiet bang', no tension-building background music making it difficult to watch. It doesn't even hide the spooky stuff; it just shows it without much adornment at all.

I have a limited vocabulary for talking about scary films as they're not my normal thing, and somebody who knows their horror (Damien) might think this is crap. But so far I feel quite addicted and would happily binge them, punctuated with the occasional episode of Would I Lie To You to keep things light.

We are now fully involved with TSG and think it’s great. Quite tense to watch as you pick up on there stress but a great show.
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Re: What have you watched on telly?

Post by Turntable @ Wed Nov 14, 2018 5:21 pm

I watched The Hill House Haunty thing and liked it.

Also, to my huge surprise I started watching the American version of The Office and am absolutely loving it.

I remember watching it at the time and, whilst not hating it, not liking it either. At the time I just saw it as a slightly plainer hence worse version of the original.
However, perhaps because the original one isn't fresh in my mind, I started watching it without prejudice and it is properly excellent. Very similar humour and the main bloke is brilliant. Not quite David Brent but really good in his own way.
Plenty of laugh out loud moments and almost more enjoyable to watch as the cringe is dialled down just a touch.
And in fact all the characters are similar but not copied. At the time I just thought this was worse but on re-watching it is evident that it was necessary because you just couldn't get a better Gareth than Gareth so the character needed to be slightly different, for example.
Anyway, someone watch it or I will never type another thing in this section
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