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Post by Strawman @ Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:55 pm

Only realised the next day but I inadvertently massively ramped up the impact of one film by pairing it with another, sort of.
The first film was Gone with the wind, which I can't say I enjoyed that much, from 1939 and very dated in a bad way, with obviously painted sets two dimensional characters and florid orchestral music in place of dialogue. I've watched it before when I was a child and didn't understand what was going on, now I didn't really care what was happening, although the death of the daughter was still a shock. I partly watched it because I was listening to a thing and they described the panning shot of the wounded confederate soldiers as perhaps the most famous in American cinema history, it stops when it gets a tattered stars and bars flag into the corner of the frame. Meh looks fake as Trump's hair, obviously staged on a studio lot.
Second feature was 12 years a slave from 2013, set 10 years earlier in 1853, but mostly in similar plantations. Seemed like watching actual events, sure I recognized many of the actors, but that still wasn't enough to break the spell that somehow this was an emotionally accurate portrayal of the most horrifying episode of a man's actual life. The intimacy created seemed real and the mix of the mundane and the brutal with glimpses of beauty made the brutality so much starker. Very high score out of ten but don't want to watch again.
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