Employment law - withholding a P45

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Employment law - withholding a P45

Post by ganglandboss @ Mon Mar 17, 2008 10:44 pm

My mate's girlfriend worked for a very high profile property developers. Despite the enormous projects they are involved in, they are quite a small outfit and she described them as 'fly by nights'.

One day she decided she had had enough and left there and then. She had no written contract of employment and no notice period was agreed.

She was paid her final salary payment and about a month later she was contacted by them informing her they had overpaid her and a demand for immediate repayment. She did her sums and realised she had in fact been overpaid but not by the amount they suggested. She sent them a cheque for the amount she felt she owed and a detailed breakdown of how she had worked it out. They are still disputing this and are withholding her P45. Am I right in saying this is illegal?

(BTW, this is over less than a hundred and fifty quid and one of the directors recently thought nothing of spunking fifteen grand up the wall on a jacket!)

Edit - P45, sorry - not P60.
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Re: Employment law - withholding a P45

Post by beaublack @ Mon Mar 17, 2008 10:47 pm

..did they cash her cheque - if not cancel it.

The Tax Office will sort out the rest ....
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