2 questions, 1. DVLA, and 2. Cat C write off

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2 questions, 1. DVLA, and 2. Cat C write off

Post by andmole @ Sun Sep 21, 2008 9:29 pm

Question 1:

My wife recently acquired her sisters car, sister signed relevant parts of V5 and this was posted to DVLA. Later on my wife taxed car using V5/2 as she had not had new V5 from Swansea. Now sister has had a nasty letter from DVLA stating that since she did not notify them of change of keeper they are going to fine her. BUT she did sign the V5 and it was posted, but it looks like Royal Mail lost it. So where do we stand, between us we have done everything we are supposed to have done, but because of the failings of a 3rd party, sister in law is being fined. Advice please?

Question 2:

Wifes father is in the process of getting a new car, and was trading in his merc. Car is 15 years old but immaculate. Everything was going fine, until the garage got back in touch and said they could not accept the trade in as the merc has a Cat C write off flag on record. He has been told that the marker was placed on file by the police after the car was stolen, but recovered almost immediately undamaged, 4 years ago. Is it normal for the police to do this and how can this be removed?
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Re: 2 questions, 1. DVLA, and 2. Cat C write off

Post by Gizmo @ Sun Sep 21, 2008 9:50 pm

1. Sadly if it never arrived at the DVLA, I don't think you have a leg to stand on unless you got proof of posting (and I've never ever done that).

2. If it was recovered almost immediately, I'm surprised it was a Cat C. http://www.autocheck.co.uk/write-off-categories.html "An extensively damaged vehicle which the insurer has decided not to repair, but which could be repaired and returned to the road." In the normal course of things, this is unremovable (and rightly so) but if it was incorrect you (he) may be able to appeal it... wouldn't fancy your chances much though.
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Re: 2 questions, 1. DVLA, and 2. Cat C write off

Post by Hooli @ Sat Dec 13, 2008 9:18 pm

with 1) write to the DVLA in strong terms telling them that you wont accept this fine due to them loosing paperwork sent to them. they will backdown & sort it as they admit to loosing 10% of mail.
i've had a few occasions where they lost everything i sent them & thats always sorted it in the end. although once it took 10 months of monthly forms/letters to get a V5c for stroppy. the useless sods seemed determined not to admit i owned her.
or the RF i part-ex'd for 14 & even though the forms for the RF went in the same envelope as the ones for 14 they claimed i'd not sent the form saying i'd sold the RF & tried to do me for no tax. several letters later they backed down.
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